Camera Stabilizer Gimbals

The heart and soul of a floating camera stabilizer. One of the hardest parts to build and the most difficult to find. Without it the stabilizer is just a stick. Requiring precision machining, careful adjustment, and proper design.

Low Budget 3-Axis camera stabilizer gimbal

Featuring a two piece CNC design with over 10,000 lines of code to offer you a low price without sacrificing precision.

3-Axis camera stabilizer gimbal assembly

Based on the design that has given our customers countless years of great service, it's ready for you to add to your rig. Fully assembled and professionally calibrated for proper balance, it will make your project shine. Available bare, or powder coated in 4 stock colors.

2-axis camera stabilizer gimbal kit

Designed for the ultra low budget filmmaker that lacks the tools needed to get their DIY project started. Available in kit form to reduce cost. Upgrade later thanks to it being interchangeable with our 3-axis gimbal.